Friday, December 11, 2009

Free Parking Info

We're often asked "Where can I park for free?". Usually it depends on the season; the town; the circumstances. I once met a couple in Perth who bought a Wicked van, drove it around for 270 days and only paid for parking once - unbelievable! Byron Bay and Cairns are notorious for their anti-free-camping laws, whilst Broome rangers lighten up during the wet season.

We had some lovely customers drop us an email today about free camping areas in Torquay, Victoria. Here are their tips:

"Local council fines people who sleep in cars / vans / campers along the foreshore. Whilst it is fantastic to drift off to sleep and wake up with the view that's there, it puts a nasty taste in your mouth when you're penalised for it!

There are a few places within Torquay where it is safe to stop for the night: behind the Uniting Church in Beales St., west of the highway down near the creek turn right past the catholic church, then left - not the service rd - and follow it down and around) and probably any of the little streets just 1 block back off the Esplanade. There are no toilet/shower facilities, but neither does the ranger get you (excuses might include power nap / been up and had a walk (as long as you're fully dressed and quick)/whatever else you can think of quickly)!

The by-laws officers (2 over summer, 1 rest of the year) patrol between Torquay and Lorne, so there is no set day he's in the same town at the same time... predictably unpredictable.

Hope you pass this on to your users".

Thanks so much for your feedback!

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