Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now for something positive!

As most of you all know, Wicked have copped a bit in the media recently. Since the story appeared we have taken measures to make our van safety more transparent. The most recent addition is the introduction of a 'safety checklist' (which includes major mechanical components such as tyres, brakes, seatbelts, windscreen, headlights, oil, water and fuel, as well as a road test and full under-body check). Both mechanics, cleaning staff and customers will sign this sheet - to ensure all is in order before the customer leaves on their Wicked roadtrip!

Since the story appeared we've received a nice amount of compliments from previous customers, here's a sample of the feedback:

Hi Everyone
I just wanted to comment on the unsafe vans story, which was on our local news recently. My husband and I are in our 40's and 50's, with a fair knowledge of mechanics. And we hired a van off you guys a couple of years ago. We thought it was a fabulous van. And not once ever did we feel it was unsafe or unreliable. It was a very memorable trip with NO van problems what so ever. We would not hesitate to hire another one ASAP.
A happy customer, Katherine NT

Hey you Wicked children, just got back from an awesome road trip with one of your vans! Even though the CD player didn't work (no Bowie to help us along the way!) we had a great time. AND at the end of the trip one of your workers was kind enough to drive us to the nearest train station so we didn't have to pay for a taxi. So lots of luvin' and thanks, the dreaded Canary can deem you unroadworthy as much as it likes but you're still the best things on the road!!

Best way to travel from Brisbane to Hervey Bay!! We got a free upgrade which was nice and the staff were really friendly. The van took a bit of getting used to but was fun to drive and we got loads of attention! Prior to getting the van, we had a car, tent etc.... We'd spend ages every night/ morning blowing up therma ...rests, packing/ unpacking the tent and getting ourselves sorted.... with the wicked you can just rock up, rearrange a few things and go to sleep. We would definitely recommend it!

Our adventure tok us from Sydney to Cape Tribulation over 10 days... It involved a few speeding fines, being jumped by some gay folk from Mackay and picking up some hot French girls...

and my favourite:

the trip was awesome but one month later I'm still waiting for the fotos of my picking up when I was naked.... Could I get them one day??? cheers

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