Friday, April 9, 2010

Texts from last night

It's been a while since my last blog post and I can blame that on having way too good a time over Easter! All our Wicked depots were under the pump over the Easter break - many of our customer's who picked up vans were heading to a variety of festivals over the break and we hope you all had an amazing experience!

A feature of our Wicked Campers Facebook page is the 'Wicked one-liner of the day'. It has a pretty regular following, with fans writing in and showing their appreciation/loathing for various slogans we host on the site. I usually gather quotes from vans I see parked around town; or from quotes provided by Mrs Wicked, or mates at the office. Yesterday I couldn't find a suitable quote so I asked around the office and Ross showed us a website called 'Texts from Last Night'. This site is a gold-mine of quotes - all pretty much related to sex, drugs and alcohol - and all texts which have actually been sent. Some would be perfect on our vans; other's not so much.... here are some of my favourites:

As an update to my previous post It's been two weeks since we started the Virginity competition, and our winning entries have been published online, you can view them here.

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