Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Re-igniting the power of blogging

After a sabbatical of blog writing, I'm reigniting the Wicked Evangelist blog...solo, as my evangelist buddy Camilla left Wicked a few months ago to start her job as a marketing manager for Q Pix film school in Queensland. After starting my Wicked life in Brisbane, I've moved over to Broome in Western Australia, to hang out with Chris and focus on building Wicked up on the West Coast of Oz. Many of my posts will be about life in this remote town, the customers we meet, the vans that make their way in and out of our dusty depot and the direction I see Wicked headed in future...really, just another day in the life of a Wicked Evangelist!

One tool we're focussing on at the moment is Word of Mouth marketing (the new black for the marketing world). One of the 'bibles' we use at Wicked is George Silverman's "The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing". The book has many practical tips and suggestions for building word of mouth as a powerful marketing tool. Our aim at Wicked is to build up a powerful word of mouth presence -- so powerful that we no longer need to pile loads of money into advertising. We're lucky as our product itself creates a buzz (sometimes positive, sometimes negative; depending on the slogan!) and are 'roaming billboards' for the company. We're looking for bloggers out there who'd like to try a van for free, so if you're reading this and interested, let me know!

My favourite van slogan in our depot at the moment is "Let's play army, I'll roll over and you blow the hell out of me".

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