Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wicked Agent Gifts

This morning I went for a spin around town, visiting all the hostels and agencies in Broome.

We're lucky to have terrific relationships with The Kimberley Klub, a YHA hostel situated smack bang in the middle of town (across the road from Broome International Airport...a little tin shed with its runway backing onto Coles. By the way its called an International Airport but there are no international flights because they don't want to upgrade the runway) and Cable Beach Backpackers, a very relaxed hostel about 200m away from the stunning Cable Beach. Actually all of the hostels and agencies here are very welcoming and accommodating -- part and parcel of living in a remote outback town!

Our latest Wicked offer to our agents is something pretty cool...for every seven days of hire a travel agency rents out, we'll give the agency a free day of hire! So...let's just say our cleaner Phoebe got tired of working as our Wicked cleaner and decided to start up her own travel agency, 'Busty Tours'. In her first week at Busty Tours she sells a 30 day roadtrip to a tall couple from Germany. By selling this roadtrip Phoebe scores herself 4 days of free Wicked Campervan hire at any depot location in the world -- that's her trip to Glastonbury 2010 all sorted, what a terrific incentive!

Anyway I'll be away for the next week, playing netball in Samoa. I'll arrive back in Brisbane the following week for a stint working in the Evangelist headquarters with my delightful fellow evangelists Brother Paul, Sister Mary and Sister Sam, before entertaining agencies from Europe at the annual Australia Travel Expo (ATE) in Melbourne.

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