Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Surfin' Steve hangs five in a Wicked

Well, I'm back in the Brisbane Evangelism Headquarter's after an exciting week playing netball (and starring in Digicel TV commercials) in Samoa.

My fellow evangelist, Brother Paul received a text message from Surfin' Steve today saying the first installment of his Wicked roadtrip was up on the web. According to his website, Surfin' Steve is "(almost) blonde, (almost) Aussie, but above all he’s (almost) a surfer…". Steve and his own production crew nakedly swept into our Brisbane depot on Monday to pick up his pimped up Wicked Campervan, which he'll be taking on a 3-month roadtrip around Australia.

Part 1 of his adventure is up now and it's a hoot! Click here to view the footage.
Check out Surfin' Steve's website here.

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