Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thanks for the memories

It's been a very busy couple of days in the office, following up with all the great people we met at the ATE last week. So for a bit of light relief I tuned into the monthly survey results from last month. This is one of the best parts of my job - reading/hearing the stories that flood in from people who've recently returned from their Wicked roadie. Here's a snippet of feedback from last month:

Q. Do you have a great Wicked roadtrip story you want to share with us?

A. Too Wicked to mention!!! Remember, we are both in our fifties but still Young at Heart. Live the Dream!!!

A. Just loved the freedom! :) but having 'fucking' on the back was a bit embarrassing, so covered it up with stickers! Think I'm getting old!

A. Ran out of money in rockhampton....no petrol...not even cence to make a phone call...ate fried bread for 2 days.... hitched about 120km to get replacement.... got very drunk and high... was awsome!

A. My mate was having a pee behind the van on a busy road cos he had just got up he was wearing only his boxers, which happened to be little white and tight, as he started to pee behind the van i drove forward and he was just stood there in his boxers peeing on the side of the road while a load of cars, buses and trucks drove past. Cos he had been holding it for a while he was peeing like a racehorse, a good minute and a half. You had to be there.

A. Even though our Dragon Wagon was really a hunk of junk we completely loved it! It broke down once and when the RAC turned up we tried the ignition once more and it started! The van made a terrible 'bang' noise every 3 minutes which only added to it charm! The Dragon Wagon became part of us, a talking point, which I suppose is all part of the Wicked experience.

A. When in a tiny town called Ross in the South Island of New Zealand, we parked up quickly to run to the supermarket. When we returned to the van (only about 5 minutes later) we found a note on the windscreen. The note said 'Your van is offensive to parents and children. Please inform the van company'. We found this absolutely hilarious and kept the note to show the wicked camper depot when we returned the van. They found it very funny too! We have some great wicked camper photos that I will send on to you. Thanks for a great trip!

A. We are about to switch drivers, so we pull into a nice park area for lunch. We relax for a bit, make some soup and just hang out while we can on the gorgeous day. As we get back in the van, I turn it on and put it into reverse to back away from the wooden fence in front of me. We start going forward. My two buddys start heckling me because I am using the wrong gear. Nope. I am in reverse. I try again. Forward we go. Again, forward when I am in reverse. Shit. This isnt good.

I turn the car off and on again. Reverse... just takes us forward. I try neutral... forward again. Ok this is beginning to be a problem. We are not stuck in front of this wooden fence. I have nowhere else to go. So we call wicked, get a number for a service station, and they come out to give us a hand, turns out the something is wrong with the gearbox. Ok. So he turns it off, puts it in neutral and we push it back out towards the road. We then follow him to his shop. He takes a look at it and it turns out that the gearbox is totally shot. Time for a new one. Well we need to be in Adelaide for our flight in a day or two and its now Friday? How long is this going to take? They call wicked and tell them whats going down. Wicked speaks to me and tells me I will be receiving a discount. Awesome!! So we get back in the car to continue driving? Just dont park so you need to reverse. Uhh.. Ok. So here we are. Everytime we need to; the car turned off and all three of us pushing the car backwards. We got a few smiles from people, a lot of laughs, and even more laughs from us. I think the loss of reverse made the trip even more memorable. So thank you Wicked, for a truly Wicked experience.

I love these guys! Especially the last post. They understand the Wicked philosophy....

The Wicked Philosophy
We believe in the experience of the roadtrip. It can change the way you see yourself, the world, and the world around you. It’s about getting something out of the journey itself, rather than worrying about how fast you can get to your destination; what’s the hurry? A roadtrip is a philosophy of life, a way of learning about yourself, an experience, a way to test yourself, a way to grow up…the possibilities are endless. Like life, your roadtrip is unique by how you shape it.

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Anonymous said...

Those are great! So much of it is about attitude. these guys all sound like people i'd love to take a road trip with!