Saturday, June 20, 2009

Evidence from the Australian Tourism Exchange

Hitting the tarmac running

Melbourne is the swine flu capital of the world so Mary and I took extra precautions when we hit the tarmac. Here we are on our first chilly night in Melbourne sporting our 'Wicked' branded swine flu air masks.

Share booth 107 - the party stand! The Wicked girls with Cathy and Randall from the Professional Helicopter Services (PHS).

We're currently in negotiations with the PHS team to get a helicopter spraypainted up by a Wicked grafitti artist and emblazoned with the token Wicked reflective stickers. No doubt the chopper will be the talking point in the outback if this idea comes to fruition!

Our German friend Michael. On the first day of the ATE Mary taught him a pickup line - "Fancy a fork?" For the rest of the conference Michael always ensured he carried a spare plastic fork in his pocket...

Mary taking no risks

Yes yes, it's old, but as you can see, most of our jokes in Melbourne revolved around swine flu. These statues found on Elizabeth Street were wearing air masks and displaying signs such as 'Ice skating causes more death than swine flu' .

June 17 - Socceroos vs Japan, MCG

Socceroos triumph 2-1!

"The Final Shout"

Last drinks were called on Friday to celebrate an end to the ATE 2009 in Melbourne. See you folks in Adelaide next year!

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