Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How do you market tissues?

I've spent the day with my fellow Evangelist Mary sorting out all we need for the Australian Tourism Expo (ATE) in Melbourne. The ATE is the largest travel conference held in the southerm hemisphere annually and provides an opportunity for us to showcase our Australian product to international buyers (usually travel agencies) from all over Europe, Australia and the Americas. The theme of this year's ATE is "Good food, good wine, good lifestyle" so Mary and I are very excited to hit the cold of Melbourne and warm up with a few vino's!

Mark from our Melbourne depot dropped me an email today suggesting we "organise some naked midgets covered in body paint to hand out flyers at the expo". This reminded me of the midget we tried (but failed) to hire for our Brisbane Wicked Revival party - apparently the guy dresses up as a mexican and wears a sombrero that converts to a serving plate full of corn chips and guacamole - and prances around the room acting as a mobile serving table. Amazing! He'd make any party memorable and sociable - no one would get caught hovering around the refreshments table...

Today Mr Wicked was in to chat to our graphic designer about some new stickers we're creating for the back of our vans. Mr Wicked's mate dropped over to our house to show him a new promo item we could possibly put in our vans... When Mr Wicked threw the packet over to me I wasn't too sure what they were, but I was shortly informed that it was a 'jerk-off kit' so our male wickedees could 'jerk-off with confidence', aka a packet of tissues! Brilliant. At 10c a pop we may just buy a stack and stick them in vans...but I've been assured we'll tone them down and label them '...For a messy night'.

Surfin' Steve and his crew dropped by our office to say g'day and thanks for the van hire - his challenge is to get 100 kisses from Aussie chicks in the next 2 months (he scored around 45 smooches own the Gold Coast last week)! He wasn't too lucky here - I compromised for a kiss on the cheek, Mary proclaimed she was a lesbian and also offered her cheek, but the ever-obliging Samanthan puckered up for lucky number 46.

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