Monday, June 15, 2009

Stop the Toads

Last year I saw a segment on Sunrise about the 'Stop the Toad' foundation. This foundation was set up in Western Australia to stop the influx of cane toads to the region. Annually in Spring this foundation runs "The Great Toad Muster" where volunteers head to Kununurra at the top end of Western Australia to capture and eventually gas the cane toads.

According to the official report, a “total of 68,325 cane toads were removed from Auvergne Station during a 4 week period from September 20th until October 18th 2008”.

That’s crazy. Almost 70,000 in four weeks!!!

Being brought up in Queensland, I hate the cane toads. They're awful, ugly creatures who destroy our native wildlife. Late last year I got in touch with the ‘Stop the Toads’ Strategic Campaign Manager Kim Hands and offered to paint up a Wicked Camper for their cause. Kim came back with some great design ideas and our grafitti dude spraypainted up the hot box below:

To show their support of the cause, Wicked campers has designed a Stop the Toad camper van which can be hired out across Australia and encourages travelers to ‘spread love, not cane toads’ and to ‘save our aussie icons’.

I also caught up with Kim last month in Broome and we decided to cross-promote the van and the Muster via a competition. Over the next few months (until September), anyone who spots the toad van can submit a photo of the van with a natural aussie icon, such as Ayers Rock, Purnululu National Park or a tropical Queensland beach. The best photo will win 7 days free hire from us!

Click here for all the competition details.
Are you interested in mustering up some toads? Sign up to join the Great Toad Muster!

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