Friday, June 26, 2009

Party at Wolf Creek

After watching a scary movie a couple of years ago I made a vow to never watch another horror flick again. I don't find them appealing or entertaining in any way and thinking about them days later still gives me the shakes.
But now I find myself living in Broome and Mr Wicked has dreamed up the idea to start throwing monthly murder mystery parties, at a spot 800km away and the home of the scariest Australian horror movie ever made - Wolfe Creek Craters.
According to the Wolf Creek movie centres around "Ben and his two British mates who buy an old car to travel through the Australian outback. Their first stop is to visit a meteor crater in the isolated Wolf Creek National Park. When they go to their car, they find that it does not start. Later, a local hillbilly Mick stops his truck, offers to help the trio and tows them to his camp. When they accept the proposal, their dreamy vacation turns into a scary nightmare".
Fortunately these murders never occured at our planned party location, but they're loosely based on the Ivan Milat backpacker murders (NSW, early 1990s) and the Peter Falconio murder (NT, 2001). The ABC TV show, The Gruen Transfer highlighted these depressing points on a 60 second anti-Australia commercial, view the hilarious video here.

Back to the party though. We're aiming to host the murder mystery parties on the third Monday of every month. This party is open to everyone, not just Wicked Campers customers (or serial murderers). To register your interest visit the Wolfe Creek section on our website or email
On another note - Rest in Peace Michael Jackson, I loved your work!

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