Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Save $$$ - book direct!

Phew, been a busy week and will continue to be in the coming weeks! My fellow Wicked Evangelists Mary and Nathan will be joining me at the Melbourne Adventure Travel and Backpackers Expo this weekend (Feb 20 & 21), being held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. Wicked Campers are giving away a 7 day roadtrip during the expo, will show-case the new El Grand (which is to be painted by our terrific indigenous artist Nathan at the show) and will be discussing the topic 'Drive yourself around Australia', a 30min presentation about The Great Australian Roadtrip. The discussion is held at 12.30pm daily. Entry to the expo is $5 at the door, or if you'd like free entry just print this voucher.

Speaking of saving money, we've also been focussing on creating more direct bookings. You can save a lot of cash by booking your campervan and travel arrangments directly, and to help out we've created a 'Discount' page on our Wicked Campers Facebook page. If you're travelling in a Wicked Camper, you can save a crapload of money by booking with our fellow travel partners. To check out the discounts on offer, visit our Facebook page and click the 'Discount' tab.

Mary is organising a float for this year's Mardi Gras which features a Wicked Camper as the centrepeice. The theme of her float is 'HO MO' - a group for homo's celebrating everything that's queer, especially the moustache! It's a fabulous concept and she's currently recruiting folks who'd like to join HO MO in Sydney on February 27. If you're interested, click here.

Signing off from the Broome depot - will be back in Brisbane tomorrow!

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