Friday, February 5, 2010

"The women flocked to us like the salmon of Capistrano"

Received this corker of an email from a previous hirer in New Zealand.
The email subject was Wicked Campers NZ: Disappointed.

Dear Wicked NZ,

I recently partook on a legendary road trip, nay, an odyssey in a Wicked campervan from 27/11-14/12. The trip exceeded expectations. It was a trip where the beer flowed like wine, and the women flocked to us like the salmon of Capistrano.

However, something disconcerting has occurred that must be brought to your attention. My five companions and I decided to save approximately $20 and take Wicked up on the "naked special". While the $20 was well worth our combined dignity, I am extremely displeased not that a photo was taken on such a brisk morning where your female employees may have gotten the wrong impression, but that this photo has not been posted in the photo gallery nearly two months later. I ask that you please address this problem at once.


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