Monday, March 22, 2010


You know what it's like on a Monday usually stagger into work, mourning the weekend and can't function until you have a shot of caffeine. This Monday morning started out like the norm and then at 9.10am, Ross our graphic designer yelped out from the bathroom. "F*ck!""... (pause)... "SNAKE!".

A massive green tree snake was patiently waiting for Ross outside the bathroom. Ross slowly shimmied his way past the imposing creature, and fortunately the snake slithered down the stairs. This photo attempts to capture the snake as it made its getaway; unfortunately he was a very camera shy snake.

It took awhile to get over the surprise, and we were trying to stop laughing in order to figure out strategies to keep the snake out, when we spotted something else slithering on the office floor. A massive lizard! The snake had obviously been trying to catch his breakfast from our office floor space.
A hilarious morning and a great way to start the working week! Hopefully there are no more similar surprises in stall later this week, though I reckon this would be the perfect time to slip a fake spider on someone's unsuspecting desk.

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