Friday, March 5, 2010

Topless Swedish ladies

Thursday at work started like any other day in the office - a few phone calls, some emails, faxing to be done, a couple random requests... but at 10.30am I received a call from the Brisbane depot, telling me to 'come over urgently' and to 'bring the video camera'.

On arrival, I was greeted by 2 swedish girl's at the depot, who were topless and had been painted by our indigenous artist Nathan! Nathan, along with most of the depot staff were grinning like cheshire cats. I was given my mission: That I'd be in the car with a photographer from The Courier Mail and we'd be driving into the city to take footage of the girls (who would be flashing the public through the sun roof of one of our Wicked vans)!

Our car arrived first at Post Office Square in Brisbane (one of the most busiest pedestrian crossings in the CBD) and camera's were stealth-positioned at the go. A few minutes later the Wicked van appeared... it stopped at the pedestrian crossing and the girl's stood through the sunroof and started waving at the unsuspecting public! The reactions were priceless - most people laughed, or were shocked/ gobsmacked. After all, it was midday on a Thursday.

After about 20 seconds of putting on a show the girl's quickly yelled our expletives and lowered themselves back into the van.

The reason? A policeman proudly walked in front of the van and signalled for it to pull over. You couldn't script it any better, this would make fantastic footage! The cop was with our driver for a good 10mins, but our driver only received a $100 fine, for "Travel with vehicle with part of body outside of window". Not bad, considering what else he could've got them for.

Variety is the spice of life and that's why being a Wicked Evangelist is so much fun!

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