Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leave town in a Wicked Camper

After a quiet week in Broome last week, things seem to have exploded here. The temperature is heating up and everyone is evacuating Broome!

In Wicked news this week:

- The new Wicked Campers Australia website is up - same address; different image: . Our web designer, Budi, has done an amazing job!

- We're giving away free 5 day roadtrips from Brisbane to either Alice Springs or Adelaide. Simply join Sister Cassie at Birdie Num Nums on Sep 28 for a one-hour focus group.

- Join the Wicked Nullabor Links convoy and play the longest golf course in the world.

- Had an amazing roadtrip? Submit your best roadtrip story and you could win a 7 day Wicked roadtrip, a Panasonic Camcorder, two memory cards and 10 double passes to Stone Bros. "the first full-blooded Oz comedy in eons" (Empire).

I also received some nice feedback from a travel agent in Cairns who used her free Wicked days (book 7 days and get 1 day of Wicked hire for your own use) for a roadtrip in Adelaide. Here is her feedback:

"Would just like to say thankyou very much for allowing me a camper while i was in Adelaide! The camper was great and a MASSIVE hit with the likes of my Mum, Dad, brother etc haha. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Wicked laugh's adults only book!! haha some great stuff in there. The guy (cant remember his name :() who runs the ashop in Adelaide was me stickers and all sorts of things :) So i intend to make a Wicked display with ALL the stickers done up on a box or something like that!! Thanks once again! Have a great day"


Anonymous said...

i would not get a wicked van again as they do not give you your bond back on the day yopu leave it off. it takes 7 days apparently to get it back.why dont they tell you that when you are handing them over over $2,000. absolutely ridiculous.

A Wicked Evangelist said...

Hey mate! I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. 2 grand is a lot of money when you travel. I agree, there should definitely be somewhere on the booking form that lets the customer know the time range it takes to receive their bond back.

Unfortunately though its hard to predict - especially with international banks. We're not sure when a deposit will be received back into your account/credit card.