Friday, September 25, 2009

Seen the new fridge?

As I've mentioned in an earlier blog post, its been an extremely busy week up here in Broome.

So busy that you can make people believe things that they wouldn't usually believe.

Yesterday I came back to work after hours and discovered a new fridge sitting in the waiting room. I assumed that Bob, the landlord next door was the culprit. I went over to visit Bob after work and yep, I was right - Bob had kindly delivered us another fridge!

This morning Chris and I walk into work and the conversation goes something likes this:
Chris: Wow! have you seen this new fridge?
Me: Umm... Chris? Are you feeling ok? That fridge has been there since Wednesday.
Chris: What? No way
Me: Yes. Bob even asked you where you wanted it - and you told him to place it behind the door!
Chris: Ahh...I don't remember (looks quizzically at the fridge).

5 mins later Bob's wife walks in and Chris asks her when the fridge arrived. Over Chris' shoulder I mouth 'WED-NES-DAY' over to her, which she promptly replies to Chris. He can't believe it!

Bob walks in after another 5 mins and Chris asks him the same question. Bob says "Mate, I asked you where you wanted it. You even offered to help me bring it in!".

Chris is looking super confused at this stage. Moments later, a German couple return their Wicked van. I overhear the conversation. Chris says "Guys...I've been so busy, I didn't even realise this new fridge had been sitting in my waiting room for three days!".

It took all my strength not to laugh. Ahh, what stress can do to a person...

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