Friday, October 2, 2009

Join the Wicked Cult!

A big shout-out to Budi, our IT guy this week. I've been hounding him with questions everyday re. the new website and he's been a big help!

We've now updated our affiliate site on the new webpage, so sign up today. You can earn a neat 10% commission for any Wicked Campers booking made through your link. That's right - passive can sit on your butt and watch the cash flood in.

We also have a new section on our website that allows people to subscribe to The Wicked Gospel - a 'wicked happenings' e-newsletter sent out to subscribers every couple of months that keeps them up to date with all the latest roadtrip ideas, specials, competitions and travel news around Australia and the rest of the Wicked world.

In other news...I had a little scare this morning when Sister Sam sent me a text message, saying Wicked were in trouble with the ACCC for not advertising all charges up-front. It was the first I'd heard of it but I let out a sigh of relief shortly after a quick Google search....and discovered the company in trouble was 'Wicked Travel' - not Wicked Campers.

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Anonymous said...

interesting wtih Wicked Travel; easy to get confused with the names! I've actually had a customer before thinking we had overcharged them before they realised the "wicked travel" on their account statement was a different company altogether!