Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who paints the vans?

One of the questions most asked when I tell people I work for Wicked is 'Who paints the vans'? .
Charley Boorman on his tv show 'By Any Means' mistakenly said a group of Harley Davidson motorbike junkies did the paint job. Sounds wicked but its not true.

Mrs Wicked, an artist and one of the Wicked creators originally did the artwork, and then a guy named Eric was brought on board for his spraypainting talents. Eric has recently left Wicked to start his own Tattoo Studio business.

The new painter on the block is Guy, who's job has just gotta rival Tourism Qld's 'best job in the world'. Based in Brisbane, Guy has flown all the UK, Thailand and New Zealand painting up Wicked vans. He also travels extensively around Australia. More recently, he's been painting up depot and backpacker hostel walls with 'Wish you were here' text emblazoned on them.

Check out a video of the bloke spraypainting the Trogdor van here.

A lot of the ideas for the paint jobs come from Mr Wicked; but anyone can submit their own design ideas! If you rent a van for 60 days or more/purchase a van from Brisbane you can even elect to have your own paint job on your Wicked Camper! Click here for details.

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