Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Loyal and smile

Ok I admit, my last post entry was lame. It was a last-5-minute-at-work-blog-entry since I've been super busy being an evangelist! I won't bore readers with the gory details, but some of the tasks include I've been helping our web developer Budi(licious) with content updates/audits to the new Wicked Campers website (which looks exceptional by the way, good stuff Budi); creating a new Wicked agent manual; organising training for the agents at the Broome Visitors Centre; editing a new Wicked loop DVD; ordering new Wicked country stickers and in amongst it all, talking to my mates in China about ordering new Wicked merchandise.

I was looking to order some Wicked hats from China the other day and sent off some prospective emails to suppliers over there. Here's a lovely email I received back from Amy at Guangzhou Kaavie Cap Co Ltd.

"Dear Ms Leanne, Thanks so much for your message in our website. please send us your caps's pictures,so that we could quote a exact price. These are the pictures about our factory. please see them in attached at your convenience. Hope can cooperate with you .


Loyal and smile. What a terrific parting message. It beats 'Cheers'!
Oh and here are the photos from Amy's factory...


Mike Hurd said...

Sorry...didn't know how to reply otherwise...of course you can link to my blog.


A Wicked Evangelist said...

Ha ha no probs, ok great I'll make sure it goes up on our new website! Thanks