Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Broome Wicked Camper depot - FAQ's

We receive an assortment of questions from Wicked Campers customers at the Broome depot. To save time, we've posted up a FAQ sheet. Here's a sample of questions and answers...

Q. Where can I park for free?
A. Anywhere, just watch out for rangers and police officers. And axe murderers.

Q. How long does the gas bottle last?
A. Til the flame runs out.

Q. How much fuel does the camper use?
A. The slower you go, the better fuel economy you’ll have. We suggest driving at 80km/hr (in 5th gear, or if you’re in an automatic make sure you’re driving in overdrive).

Q. What happens if I see a kangaroo on the road?
A. Run the f*cker down! Don’t swerve for kangaroos.

Q. Where is the cheapest fuel?
A. What is cheap fuel?

Q. What happens if I breakdown and I don’t have phone reception?
A. You’ll work it out.

Q. How do I sleep in the van if its too hot?
A. Drink til you pass out. Alternatively pickup a Broome local and sleep in their air-conditioned room. Or you can find a tree and some shade (hint – the sun sets in the west).

Q. What if I don’t like my van design?
A. Harden the f*ck up.

Q. Are you the cheapest in town?
A. Yes. And the dirtiest.

(and yes, this FAQ is a piss-take...we're happy to help with any customer queries!).

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