Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stories from the road

Here are some 'roadtrip highlights' from Wicked Campers customers who returned their vans in October.

We were staying at Eagle Pt caravan park (right on the lake in VIC). I made dinner, and took the Wikid table that came with the camper, out on the peer, with dinner and champagne. The mrs sat down and I popped the question, then the cork on the champagne! Best week of our lives. We got some amazing photos of the van in front of the great ocean rd, etc. We're looking to hire another one for our honey moon!!!

Just me and the missus went from perth to coral bay. Was just a wicked trip, loved the van. haha it was almost like we were part of a community every time we passed a wicked van, we were tooting and yelling an waving. Just an awesome trip, not nearly as difficult as i thought it would have been. Wished i was still on the road!

We just had a really chilled week of driving hey.. There was one incident of being caught shagging on the beach.. And don't bother visiting the Big Oyster ever..

My besty n i loved our road trip!!! We went to byron, tweed heads, bilambil, suffock park and the gold coast stopping where ever looked good to have a surf n sun bake we were only gone for 8 days n were spewing we had to come home! on the drive around the place we saw other Wicked vans n had to party with the other campers as they were in a partying mood just like us!!! we loved it!!!Thanks heaps ur all Wicked!!! much love peace out!!! xXx

We had a great trip, the van went like a bomb, and we would happily use Wicked again and refer others to your company

We got to bathurst for the V8's but the police would not let the camper up to the top of mountain.They said the rego had only two weeks left and all cars with one month left on rego were not allowed up the top.(People buy old cars and smash them up and leave them there apparently!.) I showed them it was a hire car and still said no.! This is 4pm. We went back into bathurst to avis car rental and they let us use there fax. We then rang wicked who faxed the new rego threw 10 minutes before closing time 5pm at Avis. We would have had to leave the camper at the bottom in car park and hire another car to get our gear to the camp spot on top off mountain .Thanks again Wicked and Avis car rental you really came thew at the right time.

Our last night in the van was in Cairns. Cairns is a very campervan un-friendly city. Every other town we stopped in (from Sydney to Cairns), we were able to park near the beach and no one bothered us. Cairns has signs of "no camping" EVERYWHERE. So, we eventually found a quiet steet in a neighborhood just outside town. Dead asleep we were awoken by the sound and lights of a train barreling towards us. Could it be? Did we really park ON a railroad track? It sure seemed like it with the extreme loudness of the whistle and the lights blarring into the back window. But, fortunately, we were not on the track, but only about 50 yards from it. What a way to wake up!!

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