Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Onya Wozza

I've been seeking contact with a variety of Australian icons/celebrities asking them to supply their own original one-liner for our new Wicked vans (see blog post below).

I checked my inbox this morning and would like to thank Warwick Capper, the former Sydney Swans AFL player/porn star/politician for being THE FIRST celebrity to email me his wicked words of wisdom.

He sent me the following quote:

"Wicked Campers You Beauty the Wizard Warwick Capper".

He also mentioned he'll think up some more and send them in the next few days. Look forward to it. His official website also mentions that he can perform at Bucks and Hens nights for $1500 - I reckon he's selling himself short!!

My favourite quote that I received today was from David Lutteral, or "Luttsy" from the Nova 106.9 morning show (Brisbane) and The Footy Show (NRL). Luttsy provided me with this pearler of advice:

"Always BE YOURSELF; unless being someone else makes you more popular. "

Luttsy also loved the Warwick Capper quote and remarked "HaHa !! That's our Warwick !!!! Wait til you hear the rest of them!! I bet the word 'Capper' is mentioned in every one!! "

We're not only seeking input from celebrities. Former Wicked agent/mechanic Richard Hawkins (based in Alice Springs) has put his thinking cap on and I've also enlisted the help of Daniel, a local Broome truckie to gather up some wisdom from the truckie community. Fellow bloggers, ministers, pre-school teachers, streetsweepers, politicians, go-go dancers - I implore you to submit your quotes to us...you'll be spreading your wisdom all over Australia!

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