Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wish you were here

Our Wicked Grafitti Artist visited us in Broome to paint up our depots 'Wish you were here' wall. Here's a pic of our first customers against the Broome wall.

He also had time to pop into the Kimberley Klub, Broome to grace their walls with some Wicked grafitti. I'll be back in the Kimberley Klub tomorrow evening for their 'Around the World' party...Wicked and Fosters are sponsoring the evening and giving out lanyards, stickers, ticklers and other assorted treats.

Speaking of parties our second Wicked Revival party will be held in Perth next month. We have joined up with Red FM and sponsored their Red FM listener party. It'll be held on August 3 and we're inviting current and ex-Wicked customers. If you like free booze and free love, email for all the sordid details!

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