Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wicked Wisdom from Wil Anderson

Funny man Wil Anderson (stand-up comedian, host of ABC's 'The Gruen Transfer' and 'The Glasshouse' -- some of my favourite shows) submitted his Wicked wisdom today.

"Just saw in the paper you can get $25 for donating sperm. The ultimate cash in hand job..."

"Every time I hear NASA has sent an "unmanned probe" into space, it sounds like something lesbians use to get pregnant"...

"I love when you can still see the moon in the morning. Feels like it pulled an all-nighter and decided to stay up."

Huge thanks to Wil for the quotes, love them!

Our wannabe surfer, Surfin Steve has released his latest installment out where he aims to pash 69 girls in the one night at Surfers Paradise. It's a seemingly easy feat for the almost blonde, almost Aussie. Watch Steve get lucky here.

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