Thursday, July 9, 2009

Round-the-world Roadtrips

A pretty cool thing about working for an outrageous global company is that you can offer seriously fun incentives to get vans moving. Here is just a selection of the incentives we've previously offered potential Wicked customers

- Free spankings on pickup (one elderly German woman didn't know what a spanking was, presented her voucher and was shaken up when our depot girl walked to the other side of the counter and slapped her. Lightly of course.)
- 4.7% discounts on hires (because a 5% discount is boring)
- Free bottle of champagne if you flash your boobs (the popular prequel to the naked special)
- "If you're over the age of 60 leave your clothes on to receive a free day of hire" (we received a complaint from a 61 year old who was offended by the offer and sent us a video clip of himself in support of his defence)

The latest offer we're issuing in New Zealand isn't as quirky but its bloody good for anyone who has a round-the-world plane ticket!

Hire a Wicked van for 7 days or more and receive a bonus of 22 days of Wicked hire across the globe to use in the next two years. The offer is valid for a limited time only in the following countries:

5 days free x AUSTRALIA (one-way hires from Sydney or Brisbane to Cairns)
5 days free x CHILE (anytime)
3 days free x THAILAND (anytime)
3 days free x UK/Europe (between Nov – Mar)
3 days free x USA/Canada (between Oct – April excluding Feb 5 – Mar 7 2010)
3 days free x SOUTH AFRICA (anytime, except June 1 – July 11 2010)

Once Richard Branson starts flying to the moon we'll start offering 3 days free there too...


Anonymous said...

It's one thing for Wicked to be claiming they're all about sex and rebellion and taking the piss, but it is nauseating when this 'party culture' morphs into direct, unabashed racism. The copy included the phrase "snog an aboriginal" effectively setting Indigenous people apart from those who might be renting campervans, classifying them as un-snoggable and by implication, repulsive. It is a damning and appalling thing for them to say, not defensible by resorting to any claims of party-animal, fun-loving, pro-sex, outrageous etc schick. It is plain, revolting racism and it is sad.

A Wicked Evangelist said...

No way! We're just emphasising that Australia is the only place in the world where you'd have a good chance of snogging an aboriginal.

Andy Mayne said...

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