Friday, July 31, 2009

Wicked on Fire!

My Friday started well in the Wicked depot...we had a lovely med student from Fitzroy return his van and he had only praise for our staff in Darwin and his roadtrip. Here he is popping his Wicked "Customers 4 Life" survey in our pimped out survey box.

We also had some Swiss boys pickup a van, they're on their way to Darwin on the Gibb River Road.

It was a great day at Wicked. No fuss customers, lots of time to evangelise on the web...but then disaster struck.

A wild-fire spread across the road from the Broome depot around noon today. As I ran up to investigate, a local tv journo from GWN stopped me in my tracks and asked for an eye-witness account of the natural disaster.

After the high of being on regional television, I thought my day was going splendidly. I plugged away on my Wicked tasks and then Chris received a phone-call at 3pm. A few Wicked girls had a van that was stuck in third gear at a caravan park. Fortunately it was just down the road, so we hopped in the Wicked rescue-mobile and picked their van up. The two of the girls were worried about their mate, who looked like she was seriously ill. I checked them into the local pistol club (all caravan parks were full) and the woman on guard took a look at the sick girl and told us to rush her to hospital -- she was suffering from severe dehydration!

The rescue-mobile turned into an ambulance and we shot off to the Broome hospital. I returned to the depot and the girl's swapped into their new van (Jim's Brazillian van, the best one in the fleet!). They'll be returning their van to Broome next week so I look forward to hearing how the rest of their day went.

Anyway - I have to cut this blog entry short as I must dash home to watch myself on the 5.30pm news...

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Wicked Awesome said...

Wow, quite a day! Sounds like one adventure after another. Hope that girl is doing better!