Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bye Bye Michael Jackson

Wicked Campers have decided its time to say farewell to Michael Jackson so we've taken our Michael Jackson special - "Moonwalk into any of our Wicked depots dressed up as Michael Jackson to get your first day of hire for free" off the shelves.

Here are some photos of the Michael Jackson's that graced our Brisbane depot.

Whilst its said to say goodbye to the special its not all doom and goom. The Wicked staff morale booking "NAKED SPECIAL" is back on! Show up naked to get your first day for free!

I'm back in Brisbane working in the Evangelism office this week, meeting our new Evangelists (Brother Mark and Sister Cassie) and Budi(licious) the IT guy, chewing the fat with Mr Wicked, Jerome, and the Wicked roadtrip planners, and catching up on the last few months of Wicked Evangelising with Sisters Mary and Sam.

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