Monday, August 31, 2009

In transit

It's a day off for the Evangelist today. I'm currently in transit from Brisbane to Broome and am waiting patiently for my Perth flight in the comfort of the Qantas Club, Perth. They have pumpkin soup, salad rolls, pretzels and FREE BOOZE on offer!

What an incredible distance to travel though. I had a flight to Sydney that left at 7.30am this morning. My connecting flight from Sydney to Perth left at 9.50am and took 5 hrs and 15 mins. Now I'm waiting another 2 hrs for my connecting flight to Broome...

I wasn't the only one thinking that was a little extreme...when I checked into Qantas this morning, this is how the conversation with the middle-aged Qantas guy went:

Qantas Man: So you're flying to Sydney today?
Me: No - Broome!
Qantas Man: Oh my gosh. You're travelling all around Australia today! I wonder why they did that?
Me: too
Qantas Man: What do you do over in Broome, work?
Me: Yup
Qantas Man: What sort of work?
Me: I work for a campervan rental company called Wicked Campers, you know, those grafitti'd up campervans...
Qantas Man (interrupts): Oh my god I love them! Last year I saw one with a funny said "Women want many thing from one man, but...
Me: Men want one thing from many women??
(we both crack up).

We continue to talk about Wicked for 10 mins. This guy was certainly the Wicked fan, a 'roaming evangelist'. He said he rang up Mr Wicked last year and asked if he could go into the Valley depot and take pics of all our vans. He was super excited to meet an Evangelist- it was truly great feedback to hear and it snapped me out of my grumpy morning mood!

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