Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wicked Troop Carriers

Uluru. The Red Centre. Its a place you can't miss when you're on the trek Down Under.

In July 2008 I took a 7 day Alice Springs Wicked roadtrip with my fellow Evangelists Camilla, Farley and Dave. In our 4WD Delicas we stormed through Rainbow Valley, Uluru, The Olgas, Kings Canyon and the Meereenie Loop Road back to Alice Springs. It was the first time any of us had driven a 4WD and after 10mins of our first dirt road we were self-proclaimed dirt track experts (of course, always keeping the advice to take it slow, avoid driving from dusk-dawn and swerving for animals in our minds at all times!).
Self-drive is a great way to see the country and there are some great 4WD self-drive tours currently available in Fraser Island, but nothing for the outback. Wicked is stepping in to fill the gap and will start to offer 3 day/ 5 day self-drive tours from Alice Springs to Uluru and back, via Kings Canyon. Instead of the Mitsubishi Delica we'll be renting out robust Toyota Landcruiser's or "Troopy's" which cater for between 4-10 people.
It's something that you've just gotta do when you're in Australia - grab a bunch of mates, high-tail it to Alice Springs, watch the sunrise and set over Uluru, take photos with roadkill, climb Kings Canyon and drink with the locals.
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