Friday, August 14, 2009

Talkin' bout my generation

The other evening I caught up with Ralph, who runs Australian Wilderness Tours. I met Ralph at the Australian Tourism Exchange in Melbourne earlier this year - he's a big Wicked fan. Ralph was in Broome, taking his entourage of older women (average age of 60) in a 4WD luxury tour from Darwin to Broome via the Gibb River Road. We arranged to catch up this week, and I joined the women for wine and cheese whilst watching the Cable Beach sunset.

It was great joining the group. After living here for a few months you take the extraordinary sunsets for granted, but when you watch the sunset with other's for the first time you remember how lucky you are to experience this every day.

The women were from an international organisation called the 5W's - "Women Welcome Women World Wide. This is a network open to all women and aims to encourage travelling to foreign countries independently. On their website it states "a 5W member can make new friends in foreign lands or just around the corner, travel to far-flung places or enjoy having guests in her own home. Travelling with 5W is a safer way.Imagine having a network of friends wherever you go - having another woman to meet you at the airport when you arrive in a new country - its reassuring in a land far from home."

The tour ended today in Broome and two of the women from 5W - Dora (German) and Marie (Queenslander) came to pick up a Wicked Camper for their roadtrip to Perth. We gave them the John Lennon van and they loved the quote on the back "If only men were as satisfying as chocolate". We had a copy of the Beatles #1 CD so we threw it in for them too - they loved it!

Being from an older generation they took certain precautions while travelling and even asked us to keep a copy of their roadtrip itinerary (which they were also handing to Broome police before setting off tomorrow), just in case something unusual occured on the road. We've promised to call them a couple times during their roadie to say g'day. I asked the ladies "Why Wicked?" and Dora explained that she's giving Wicked a go as she's thinking of buying an ex-Wicked van when she flies over to the east coast month. I hope when I'm 60 I'm still as adventurous as these two ladies!

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