Friday, August 7, 2009

Wicked Nullabor 7-day special?

Nullabor Links, the world's biggest golf course is opening to the public on August 15. Its in Australia and situated on the Nullabor, stretching from Ceduna S.A. to Kalgoorlie WA.

The course is 1365km long and the official website states that the course will take an average of 4 days to complete!

The best part is that after playing all 18 holes you get a free certificate that says “You have played the World’s Longest Golf course.” A must for any golf-enthusiasts pool-room.

The official opening of the course will be in October but Mark, our super depot manager in Melbourne has a great idea to organise a Wicked rally/convoy headed over for the opening - maybe a 7 day special from Adelaide to Perth and vice versa. Keep posted to this blog and for more info!

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