Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jim's Brazilians

Our Wicked customer who was hospitalised last week (read ‘Wicked on Fire" post below) survived her dehydration ordeal and is on a flight to Cairns. She brought me a bottle of wine in gratitude for the ride to the Broome hospital (very muchly appreciated!). She also returned one of the most photographed vans in our fleet, "Jim's Brazilians" to the Broome depot.

For those who don't know about Jim's Mowing, check out his website.

We actually had one of the real life ‘Jim’s in the van back in June – here’s a story received from a Wicked customer:

“Another person in our group that hired a Wicked Van from Cairns recently owns a 'Jim's lawnmowing' business. When i saw the 'Jim's Brazilians' van on your website, i thought it would be great if he got that one.
I was sitting at the back of my van cooking my dinner, at the festival, when he pulled up beside me - in the 'Jim's Brazilians' van!! I fell off my camp stool laughing!! The best bit was, he wasn't supposed to get that van but it was switched when he picked it up.. and he hadn't mentioned it when they gave it to him.. :)”

Its amazing what a stir this van creates, its word-of-mouth marketing in itself! Check out some of the following websites:

Of course I’m a huge Jim’s fan and had to get a photo taken with the superstar van before the Broome Cup races on Saturday.

Love your work Jim.

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